Arte-Fix M

Arte-Fix-MDecorative and renovation stain varnish

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Arte-Fix M agent is a ready to use product for renovation and conservation of mosaic plasters’ surfaces. It is used for long-lasting strengthening of covered surfaces and does not need to be diluted with water.
Stain varnish is used in renovation of mosaic plaster based on natural (marble, granite) and colored quartz aggregate. This agent is quite universal in use – it can be applied inside and outside the buildings. It is intended for mosaic plasters applied on:
* Concrete
* Insulation systems
* Lime-cement plasters

* Includes unique system of properly hydrophobized polymers
* Resistant to difficult weather conditions
* Ensures durable and flexible coating
* Can be used outside and inside
* Available as a transparent base and in color system (15 colors)
* Easy renovation