Ceramik CEF-025

Ceramik_CEF-025CEF-025 – flexible plus, fast-setting (C2FTS1)

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CERAMIK CEF-025 adhesive is intended for gluing ceramic, cement and stone tiles on deformable substrates. It is recommended for wooden surfaces, thin partitions and elevation walls, terraces and balconies. CERAMIK CEF-025 adhesive is an ideal solution to glue tiles on critical substrates: strong and well-adhesive paint coatings, gypsum and anhydrite surfaces, aerated concrete, on rigid wooden substrates, and on already applied tiles. It can be used inside and outside the buildings.

* Can be used for adhesion of glazed tiles and terracotta
* With a high level of flexibility and adhesion
* Can be used for on balconies and terraces
* Can be used in the floor heating systems
* Available grey and white
* Water-proof
* Frost-resistant
* Easy to use
* Compliant with PN-EN 12004