Ceramik CM-024

Ceramik_CM-024CM-024 – flexible, fast-setting (C2FT)

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CERAMIK CM-024 adhesive is used for gluing glazed tiles, terracotta, façade tiles made of natural stone, as well as stoneware and stone tiles. This agent can be used on all dry and wet substrates made of ceramic material, precast concrete, aerated concrete and traditional plasters. It is also good on leveling on floor heating system, dry terrazzo, drywalls, and gypsum plasters. For use inside and outside the building, recommended especially on the balconies and terraces.

* Can be used for adhesion of glazed tiles and terracotta
* With a high level of flexibility and adhesion
* Used on balconies and terraces
* Used in the floor heating system
* Available grey and white
* Water-proof
* Frost-resistant
* Compliant with PN-EN 12004 standard