Lanamik LW

Lanamik-LWFor mineral wool (wool system)

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LANAMIK LW adhesive mortar is used in Arsanit Therma+W thermal insulation system. It is used for gluing mineral wool plates to typical mineral substrates, such as bricks, traditional cement or lime-cement plasters, concrete or aerated concrete. It can also be used to make a reinforced layer. This mortar can be used for wall mudding and complementing small damages.

* For gluing mineral wool plates to exterior walls of buildings insulated with Therma+ W systems: THERMATynk-KR, THERMATynk TM-030
* For exterior walls
* Good adhesion to substrate
* Quick build-up of strength
* Water-proof
* Frost-resistant
* Easy to use
* Economic in application
* Environmentally friendly
* Product included in seamless Arsanit Therma+ additional insulation system
* Product with ITB AT-15-7508/2013 technical approval