Sprinter-FTProduct for faster setting and drying of plasters and paints

Karta katalogowa
Karta charakterystyki


Sprinter-FT allows for making plaster and paint coatings in low temperature: from below 0ºC to +10ºC, and in the case of increased humidity (up to 80%). Sprinter-FT winter additive to paints and plaster is recommended for thermal insulation works with the use of plaster coatings included in Arsanit Therma+ system (except for products based on silicate).

* Does not change the color
* Does not change physical properties of plasters and paints
* Easy application
* Types of modified products:
– Plasters: THERMAPlaster-A, THERMAPlaster-SN, THERMAPlaster-SI
– Primers: THERMAPrime-AM, THERMAPrime-SN, THERMAPrime-SI
– Paints: JOKERPaint-AZ, JOKERPaint-SNZ