Therma+ TH-03

THERMAplus-TH03For polystyrene foam and mesh (EPS system)



TH-03 adhesive mortar is used in Arsanit Therma+ thermal insulation system for gluing polystyrene foam plates. It is perfect for typical mineral substrates, such as bricks, traditional cement or lime-cement plasters, concrete and aerated concrete. It can also be used to make a reinforced layer. This mortar can be used for wall mudding and complementing small damage.

* For gluing polystyrene insulation foam plates and mesh embedding in thermal insulation system with the use of “light and wet” method – with the use of Therma+ systems in the following types: THERMATynk-A,THERMATynk-SN,THERMATynk-ST, THERMATynk-SI, THERMATynk- TM-010,THERMATynk-TM-011
* High adhesion to insulation and mineral substrates
* Reinforced with microfibers – strengthened structure, scratch and break resistant
* Elasticized by adding polymers
* Weather-resistant
* Water-proof
* Frost-resistant
* Easy to use
* Economic in application
* Environmentally friendly
* Product included in seamless Arsanit Therma+ additional insulation system
* Product with ITB AT-15-6738/2011 technical approval