System_ThermaPlusWSeamless thermal insulation system of outside walls

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ARSANIT THERMA+ W is an advanced, complex seamless insulation system for outside walls, used as an exterior elevation layer.

Complex THERMA+ W system is constructed with the use of several specialist products, which form a complete thermal insulation, layer upon layer. The complete system ensures maximum quality, as each of the products comprising the system is also of exceptionally high quality recognized and proven by contractors and investors for many years. ARSANIT THERMA+ W System guarantees the best possible quality at a reasonable price and with economy of usage.

ARSANIT THERMA+ complex thermal insulation system is based on mineral wool and made of the following products:
* LANAMIK LW adhesive mortar for mineral wool
* mineral wool
* adhesive mortar for embedding THERMA+ TW mesh
* glass fiber mesh
* THERMAPrime-KR or THERMAPrime-TM plaster priming mass
* THERMAPlaster-KR or THERMAPlaster TM-030 textured plaster

Benefits of constructing thermal insulation in ARSANIT THERMA+ W system include:
* lower energy consumption necessary to heat the building
* improved sound insulation
* longer life cycle of elevation
* protection of water pipe system (and other installations) constructed inside the walls*
* heat accumulation and no thermal bridges
* significant reduction of temperature fluctuations in interior elements of construction
* astounding aesthetic qualities of elevation

All products forming ARSANIT THERMA+ W System constantly undergo quality checks, which ensure smooth performance of works and long life cycle of elevations.