Silicone plaster priming mass

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THERMAPrime-SN is a silicone plaster priming mass intended for preparing substrates for THERMAPlaster-SN thin-layer silicone plasters. It is perfect for even and support mineral substrates such as concrete, gypsum, traditional cement and lime-cement plaster or drywalls. It is easy to apply and suitable for application both inside and outside the building.

* Ready to use
* Can be used inside and outside
* Dyed from ARSANIT 2010, ESSENCE and TechLINE color palette
* Available in a palette of 345 colors
* Other colors available on demand
* Facilitates plastering
* Improves adhesion
* Balances substrate’s absorbency
* Flexible and water-proof
* Makes primed surfaces rough
* Sprinter-FT is recommended as an agent for faster setting and drying
* Reduces the possibility of stains appearing on plaster surface as a result of improper substrate preparation
* Product with ITB AT-15-6738/2011 technical approval
* Product compliant with PN-C-81906 standard