Decorative plaster mosaic

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THERMAPlaster-M is mosaic plaster intended for manual application of decorative plaster both inside and outside . It may be used on plinths, wall bases, balcony walls, in halls, school rooms and sport halls. It creates a lasting coating which is resistant to washing, abrasion and cleaning. It can be used on all even and support mineral substrates, such as concrete, cement and lime-cement plasters, drywalls, and wood-based elements. Wide range of available colors gives you the freedom to design and decorate the surfaces in a way you like.

* Ready to use
* For use inside and outside
* Resistant to washing and scrubbing
* Hydrophobic
* Resistant to weather conditions
* Available in the palette of over 100 patterns
* Wide range of colors allows greater freedom in design and construction of surfaces
* High durability
* Product compliant with PN-EN 15824 standard
* Available also in THERMAPlaster-M version with glitter (Arte-Brokat FX)
* Improve the look of mosaic plasters: Arte-Fix M decorative and renovation stain varnish available in 15 colors!