Silicate-silicone textured plaster

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THERMAPlaster-SI is a silicate-silicone thin-layer textured plaster intended for manual application of decorative plaster both inside and outside . It is perfect for all even and support mineral substrates, such as concrete or traditional cement and lime-cement plasters. THERMAPlaster-SI silicate-silicone plaster is perfect for finishing walls which serve as a partition of high vapor permeability, e.g. walls of aerated concrete. This product is also recommended in Arsanit Therma+ insulation systems.

* Ready to use
* For use inside and outside
* Dyed from ARSANIT 2010, ESSENCE and TechLINE color palette
* Available in a wide palette of colors
* Other colors available on demand
* Available textures and grain size:
   strippled (dashed) plaster (full side) of the following types: 1.0; 1.5; 2.0; 2.5 mm
   pitted plaster (brushed side) of the following types: 1.5; 2.0; 2.5 mm
* Combines the benefits of silicate and silicone plasters
* Recommended especially for finishing partition walls with very high vapor-permeability, e.g. aerated concrete walls
* After drying, it forms a durable, hydrophobic plaster
*Sprinter-FT is recommended as an agent for faster setting and drying
* High vapor-permeability allowing for easy vapor transport
* Plaster includes agents which stop development of fungi and mould on the surface of applied plaster
* Resistant to washing and weather conditions, and also aggressive substances in the ground and environment in general
* Product with ITB AT-15-6738/2011 technical approval
* Product compliant with PN-EN 15824 standard