THERMAPlaster TM-010


White mineral plaster

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THERMAPlaster TM-010 WHITE MINERAL is a thin-layer decorative textured plaster intended for manual application of decorative plaster both inside and outside . The product is suitable for building thermal insulation systems with the use of “light and wet” method (Arsanit Therma+). It is perfect for all mineral substrates, such as cement and lime-cement surfaces, gypsum, drywalls or concrete.

* High level of whiteness
* For use inside and outside
* Available textures and grain size:
   strippled (dashed) plaster (full side) of the following types: 1.5; 2.0 mm
   pitted plaster (brushed side) of the following types: 1.5; 2.0 mm
* Perfect vapor-permeability
* Ideal texture
* Used in “light and wet” building insulation systems
* Product with ITB AT-15-6738/2011 technical approval
* Product compliant with PN-EN 998-1