Thermo Aqua n

styro_n_aquaWater-proof thermal insulation plates with nanosilver and lowered water absorption, self-extinguishing

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* Used for thermal insulation of elements in places of increased humidity
* Microbiologically active, prevents the development of bacteria, moulds, and fungi
* Thermal conductivity value λD ≤ 0.036 W/mK
* Fire reaction class: E
* Dimensions of plates: 1265 x 615 mm
* Straight and milled edges
* Can be used for insulation of inside walls
* Can be used in cooling systems

Intended use:
* Insulation of underground parts of buildings,
* Insulation of foundation walls,
* Insulation of reversed green roofs,
* Insulation of a garage, terraces, and industrial floors,
* Insulation of rooms with high humidity,
* Insulation under cobblestone.