Thermo Facade Extra EPS70 n

styro_n_fasada_extra_eps70Polystyrene foam plates with nanosilver, self-extinguishing

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* Microbiologically active, prevents the development of bacteria, moulds, and fungi
* Thermal conductivity value λD ≤ 0.038 W/mK
* Fire reaction class: E
* Dimensions of plates: 1000 x 500 mm
* Straight and milled edges
* Can be used for insulation of inside walls
* Can be used in cooling systems

Intended use:
* Thermal insulation of walls, ceilings from the bottom in External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS), also called Seamless Thermal Insulation System (BSO in Polish) or “light and wet” method,
* Thermal insulation of outside walls in the construction with cladding and ventilated air gap, which is called “light and dry” method,
* Thermal insulation of stud walls with wood or wood-based covering and ventilated air gap, from outside to under the plaster,
* Thermal insulation of tie beams in the form of stay-in-place framework,
* Thermal insulation of door heads and framings of window and door openings,
* Thermal insulation of pre-fabricated external layer plates,
* Thermal insulation and stay-in-place formwork of reinforced concrete ceiling from the bottom,
* Thermal insulation of steep-slope roofs from the inside, under the support construction.