Thermo Lambda 031 n

styro_n_lambda_031Graphite polystyrene foam plates with nanosilver, self-extinguishing

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* Microbiologically active, prevents the development of bacteria, moulds, and fungi
* Thermal conductivity value λD ≤ 0.031 W/mK
* Fire reaction class: E
* Dimensions of plates: 1000 x 500 mm
* Straight and milled edges
* Can be used for insulation of inside walls
* Can be used in cooling systems

Intended use:
* Thermal insulation of walls, ceilings from the bottom, and plinths in External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS), also called Seamless Thermal Insulation System (BSO in Polish) or “light and wet” method,
* Thermal insulation of outside walls in the construction with cladding and ventilated air gap, which is called “light and dry” method,
* Thermal insulation of stud walls with wood or wood-based covering and ventilated air gap, from outside to under the plaster,
* Thermal insulation of door heads and framings of window and door openings,
* Thermal insulation of pre-fabricated external layer plates,
* Thermal insulation of steep-slope roofs from the inside, under the support construction.