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ZMK-018Masonry for clinker, with trass

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ZMK-018 cement MASONRY MORTAR FOR CLINKER is used for constructing and grouting walls, elevations, fences, chimneys, and small architecture elements made of brick, and other clinker elements. Suitable for use inside and outside the buildings.

* Available in three colors: grey, graphite, brown
* Efficient in reducing the risk of white water marks and efflorescence
* Intended for full-joint masonry works with the use of faced clinker bricks
* Water-proof
* Frost-resistant
* After mixing with water, it creates a homogenous mass of thick-plastic workability
* Compressive strength category: M10
* Wear: 34 kg/m² of 12 cm thick wall and 10 mm joint
* Product compliant with PN-EN 998-2 standard


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