ZSF-015Self-levelling, fast-setting (2-20 mm)

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ZSF-015 MORTAR is a self-leveling, quickly drying mass for making thin (thickness: 2–20 mm) leveling and smoothing floor primers used inside residential and general-purpose buildings. It can be used on substrates made of concrete, anhydrite and particle boards. It is suitable for the use under PVC flooring, wall-to-wall carpet, parquet, terracotta, gres, stone and floor panels, and also in construction of heated floors.

* Intended for manual or machine application of layer of leveling and smoothing floor primers inside general-purpose buildings
* Thickness of layer: 2-20 mm (for use inside the rooms)
* Can be stepped on after ca. 4h
* Resistant to abrasion
* Can be used in floor heating system
* After mixing it with water and working, mortar creates a homogenous mass; very easy to spread
* Possibility to apply other finishing layers after ca. 7 days from application
* Product compliant with PN-EN 13813 CT-C16-F4 standard