ZTM-019 L

ZTM-019-LLight spray plaster

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LIGHT LIME-CEMENT SPRAY PLASTER is intended for (machine or, optionally, manual) making traditional one- or multi-layer plaster mortars inside and outside the buildings. It is also suitable as base plaster for stuccos. It is used on such substrates as concrete walls and ceilings made of ceramic elements, sand-lime elements, or light concrete. After mixing with water, it forms a homogenous plaster mass with high adhesion to the substrate. After curing it is water-proof and frost-resistant, suitable for both inside and outside the buildings, and also in the rooms with higher relative humidity.

* Highly efficient
* Good adhesion to difficult construction substrates
* Easy to use on absorbent walls
* Low water absorption
* Fast increase of strength
* Long handling time
* Water-proof
* Frost-resistant
* Compliant with PN-EN 998-1 standard