ZW-013Leveling mortar

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ZW-013 LEVELLING MORTAR is intended for fast leveling of surfaces of typical mineral substrates, before applying ceramic covering or other construction works, e.g. making thin-coat floor bases. It should be used for reduction of defects and cavities, and other uneven spots. However, for leveling bigger surface – e.g. walls – ZT-05 PLASTERING MORTAR should be used, and in the case of floors – ZP-07 FLOOR MORTAR. ZW-013 is suitable for both inside and outside the building application (5-15 mm layer).

* Product for non-construction repair – for leveling defects
* High adhesion to substrate
* Can be used for small masonry works
* Can be used for filling small wall defects and mudding
* Easy to use
* Compressive strength category: R1
* Wear: 1.6 kg/m² per 1 mm of layer thickness
* Product compliant with PN-EN 1504-3 standard